Why Install Custom-Fit Floor Mats for Your Car?

Choosing Custom-Fit Floor Mats for Your Car: What Are Your Options?

Regardless of how “New” a car is, custom-fit floor mats for cars are automobile accessories that warrant care and attention – from the style that it offers and the functionalities that it can provide. Think of it as a worthwhile investment that will serve you for many years to come. This means that selecting the right type of car flooring mat can be quite an important decision you will have to make.

If you need help deciding whether to choose a luxurious carpet floor mat over an all-weather rubber liner, then here are the 5 typical floor mats you will come across in the market to help you decide.

Fabric Floor Mats

These are the easiest type of car flooring mat you can find, and are usually the most affordable, too. They often come with rubber backs to address slipping and are available in a range of styles and colors. However, you do get what you pay for, as these usually have a short shelf life and over time, these fabric floor mats will sag and slip.

Rubber Floor Mats

Like fabric floor mats, rubber floor mats are affordable and easy to find, often in-stock at your local automotive shops. Rubber floor mats offer good traction against slippage, have cost-effective durability, and longer lifespans relative to use, as they can absorb water, mud, and moisture through their textured rubber design. Oftentimes, customers need to trim the mat in order to fit their specific vehicle. That being said, they get dirty quite quickly and are plainly designed, often providing a more “common” look as opposed to something more appealing

Custom Fit All-Weather Car Floor Mats

Top quality all-weather mats deliver excellent protection for your car. Through innovative craftsmanship, all-weather mats often feature premium patterns made with a combination of materials such as composite rubber and plastic to provide a variety of waterproofing and damage-resistant features. From spilled drinks and crumbs of food to dirt and debris from the soles of your shoes, the raised liners and beveled patterns of all-weather mats enable maximum protection and durability. Additionally, because the mats are custom fit to the specific vehicle, it adds a level of protection and refinement that you just don’t see with regular rubber mats.
Custom Fit Carpet Floor Mats

Carpet floor mats offer the widest range of design and style options, which can range from affordable car floor mats to luxury carpet mats for high-end vehicles. They can provide decent levels of protection from dirt and can have larger coverage areas compared to most kinds of fabric mats, but they can stain easily, provide less traction, and require extra care and maintenance. They usually aren’t as durable compared to rubber or all-weather car flooring mats, but when it comes to custom designs, such as embroidered logos, carpet floor mats can truly deliver your personality.

Curly Mats

Curly mats are often sturdy and durable, and when made with high quality materials, these can have good water-soaking capabilities. These car flooring mats are also available in a range of designs and colors, which offer style points. However, curly or nomad mats are not customizable, as they come in universal sizes, so you will have to make sure you get the correct size to fit your vehicle’s measurements.

What makes 3D MAXpider Custom Fit Floor Mats Unique?

3D MAXpider Custom Fit Floor Mats can seem expensive, but it’s because they offer a top-tier quality to any vehicle. Able to complement most car interiors, 3D MAXpider Custon Fit Floor Mats deliver both aesthetics and functionality. Our Custom-Fit Mats are designed through state-of-the-art manufacturing, offering vehicles a perfect fit as well. They are designed with multiple layers that offer a wide array of advantages. The top layer can be either Thermoplastic Rubber to offer increased luxury and elegance. The middle layer offers superior protection, or High-Quality Nylon or other Carpeting to offer increased luxury and elegance. The middle layer offers padding for additional foot comfort. Finally, our bottom layer is our patented MAXpider technology, designed to grip the vehicle’s interior carpet without damaging it or leaving nibs or marks,, effectively keeping the mats in place.


3D Mats USA: The Innovative Provider of Custom-Fit Automotive Floor Mats

3D Mats USA The Innovative Provider of Custom-Fit Automotive Floor Mats

For all your car flooring needs, 3D Mats USA provides you with custom fit liners that revolutionize the game.

Take, for example, the KAGU All-Weather Custom Fit Liner – built with a three-layer structure in a digitized three-dimensional design meant to go exactly with your vehicle’s interior measurements for the perfect fit. Its carbon fiber texture is made of a thermoplastic rubber material that serves to complement the unique style of any modern or classic machine.

Feel free to browse through our collection of custom floor mats and shop today.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or inquiries.

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