Find the Right Custom Floor Mat Design for Your Car

Which Car Mat Design Goes with Your Car?

Know more car mat designs such as all weather and custom fit car mats

If you’ve experienced owning quite a few vehicles in your lifetime, then surely, you’ve had the privilege of tinkering with your prized sedan, SUV, or truck. Like, having it brought to the shop at some point or taking care of the repairs and maintenance on your own. 

In keeping your daily driver well-maintained, safe to use, and perpetually clear of stains and debris, we have a collection of custom floor mats for vehicles to choose from.

What are car mats?

Car floor liners and mats come in all shapes, sizes, with a range of materials to choose from—especially when you’re browsing through aftermarket products. Their primary function is to keep your vehicle clean, safe to use, and protected. Providing additional layers inside to prevent contamination due to germs and bacteria, staining due to spillage of foods and drinks, and accumulation of dirt, dust, mud, soil, snow, road salt, and other sorts of gunk and slush.

How do I choose from the different types of car mats?

There’s an assortment of car floor designs when you browse online or visit your local auto parts dealer. You’ll find OEM products that offer universal sizing or custom fit floor liners, often made of different materials such as rubber, vinyl, carpet fiber, and more.

Here at 3D Mats USA, we provide you with carefully crafted 3D car mat designs that deliver innovative function, sophisticated style, and lasting value that adds to the longevity of your ride – perfect for a wide range of vehicles.

To find out which car mat design goes with your vehicle, keep reading on.


Buy KAGU All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner online

The KAGU All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner can be made for vehicles of various makes and models. Be sure to input the correct details in our product selection tool to find available options.

The KAGU is unlike your regular OEM car floor liner, as it offers a revolutionary three-layer structure, providing your vehicle with three key features:

  • A patented MAXpider bottom layer keeps the mat securely in place without damaging your vehicle’s original carpet.
  • A semi-hard and non-toxic XPE foam for the inner layer, which minimizes foot fatigue while reducing noise. All designed for additional comfort and a gentler, smoother ride.
  • A thermoplastic rubber surface layer designed as a waterproof carbon fiber texture, allowing your car mat to contain spillage and prevent those horrendous stains.

KAGU’s custom three-dimensional design provides vehicle interior with maximum protection coverage. It is measured to the exact contours and edges of your vehicle. Regardless of your vehicle make, our 3D custom fit car floor mats deliver safety, functionality, and stylish performance. From BMW to Chevrolet and Mazda – just name a few – we offer a wide range of vehicle brands. 

The KAGU is the car mat design that goes with any daily driver, and if you’re the vehicle owner who doesn’t want to compromise efficiency for some extra style points, then KAGU is the one for you.

Feel free to contact us today for any questions or inquiries about the KAGU all-weather custom fit floor liner.


Buy ELITECT All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner online

The ELEGANT Perfect Fit Carpet Floor Liner is available for various models and makes for vehicles from any year—just make sure to input the correct information in our product selection tool or contact us if you require any special assistance.

For those whose vehicles demand a warmer, more luxurious l feel, the Elegant Perfect Fit Carpet Floor Liner is the car mat designed for you. It features a similar three-layer structure, but instead of a carbon fiber texture design for the surface layer, you can expect this car mat to showcase the Elegance Carpet.

The Elegance Carpet is a special double twisted polypropylene (PP) tufted carpet. It provides premium quality, softness, comfort, and durability. This allows your vehicle to enjoy maximum floor protection while maintaining a stylish look for your interior.

The ELEGANT Perfect Fit Carpet Liner is a car mat designed for vehicle owners who enjoy riding in comfort and luxury. Since it is a “perfect fit,” it’ll go with nearly any vehicle, like a Mercedes Benz, and protect your car floor with high-quality mats that offer easy and convenient installation and removal.


Buy ELITECT All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner online

The ELITECT All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner is our 3D custom fit car mat for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, so if you’re looking for an all-weather car mat that fits your vehicle accordingly, you might want to check this out. 

In our product selector tool, be sure to select the right make, vehicle model, and year of your Tesla to find the perfect car mat for your electric steed.

Just like the KAGU and ELEGANT, our ELITECT car mat features an innovative three-layer structure design, which gives it all the key benefits of a 3D custom fit vehicle floor liner. It is stylish and non-toxic, adds to a comfortable driving experience, and prevents the car mat from moving as you shuffle between stepping on the pedal and resting your feet.

With a digitized fit, waterproof protection, and patented MAXpider anti-skid bottom layer, the ELITECT is the car mat design that goes perfectly with your Tesla. Its premium look offers a seamless and elevated style to your Tesla’s interior.

3D Mats is Your Partner in Premium Quality Car Mat Designs

The KAGU, ELEGANT, and ELITECT are three of our popular car mat designs, each with unique features suitable for a wide selection of vehicles.

In choosing the best car mat design for your vehicle, you can never go wrong with a 3D custom fit floor liner, as it delivers excellent performance, hassle-free maintenance, durability, and timeless appeal. 

All you have to do is look for the car mat design you prefer, find the product for your vehicle, and add it to your shopping cart.

For any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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